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Have you thought about telling the story of your life, but have no idea where to start? 
Many people have a compelling human story to tell, whether publicly – or privately for family consumption – but may lack the writing or editing skills, the time, the contacts, or all of the above.
I offer everything from un-edited high-quality audio interviews accompanied by an on-paper transcript, to keep as a family legacy, to a fully realised, ghostwritten memoir self-published and presented in a bound book, or alongside a publisher. As a journalist of many years, I have the interviewing skills to gently curate revealing conversations. 
Some people know that they want to see a whole book produced, and are prepared to self-publish their memoir. There are many things that you may need help with, whether that's seeking a writer and editor to put together outlines, treatments and sample chapters for a pitch to an agent or publisher, perhaps rewriting or editing a first draft, or even just arranging the printing and binding of your already completed book.
Perhaps you are seeking a ghostwriter to take over the project completely; someone who has the skills to pay close and respectful attention to the uniqueness of your voice and life experience.
I work with all variations.
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