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I first started travelling to Cuba about 15 years ago. Since then, I have become deeply attached to the country by virtue of family, friendship and work. I have written many pieces about the island, and below you can find an edit. Please note that if you want to read a piece in The Times for free, if you register your email address you can read two articles per week without encountering the paywall. 

Where to go shopping in Havana, Conde Nast Traveller, April 2021

The reopening of Varadero to tourism, The Times, January 2021

Why Cuba's national dances move me, Cuban Life, July 2020

If I could be anywhere right now - on wishing I was in Viñales, Cuba, The Daily Mail, April 2020

A family holiday in Cuba? Si! Why Cuba is educational and inspiring for little people, The Times, February 2020

Tastemakers: it isn't easy opening a magazine in Havana, but creative chefs are flying in the face of austerity, Escapism magazine, December 2019

'We're betting on the future' - meet the entrepreneurs of Modern Havana, Square Mile Magazine, December 2019

Keep Palm and Carry On: the current state of tourism in Cuba, The Wish magazine, The Australian newspaper, December 2019

Cruise Control | Behind the Wheel in Cuba: Cuba's classic collectible cars are a metaphor for the national character, Civilian Global, November 2019

Santiago de Cuba: discover the raw magic of Cuba's second city, The Times, September 2019

Kick up your heels and learn to dance in Cuba, The Times, September 2019

It's gloriously, ridiculously unexplored' – Cuba, but not as you know it, The Telegraph, April 2019

Havana: a tutti-frutti of desolated pastels, SUITCASE Magazine Vol 26, March 2019

Sagua La Grande: a sweet future for Cuba's sugar city, March 2019, The Guardian 

A River Runs Through It, on Baracoa's food scene, September 2019, Food and Travel magazine

Cool Cuba: the insider's guide, January 2019, Times Luxx magazine

Exploring Cuba by camper van, November 2018, The Guardian

Cuba Libre! What to see in two weeks in Cuba, September 2018, The Times 

A love letter to Havana’s swimming spots, summer 2018, 

Cuba libre? An economic glance at Cuba under the new presidency, Business Traveller, June 2018 


Experience Cuba like an American, National Geographic Traveller, November 2017 

The first five star hotel since the revolution, The Times, August 2017

For a taste of old Cuba, head to Oriente, June 2017, Australian Gourmet Traveller 


Cuba's rumba, a pure expression of the island’s identity, National Geographic Traveller, summer 2017

Hip Hotels and rumba in Miami and Havana, The Times, February 2017

Fidel Castro was Cuba’s harsh but beloved father, Daily Telegraph, November 2016

Cuba Libre, the galleries and homes of Cuba’s rockstar artists, Porter Magazine, 2016 

Carlos Acosta on retiring from the classical repertoire, Belmond magazine, 2016 


Cuba beyond Havana, on Cuba's unspoiled east, March 2016, The Times

Six Cuban artists you need to know about, August 2015, Christie's Magazine

Total Guide to Havana, Guardian newspaper, March 2015

Havana Vieja: Neighborhood on the up, Conde Nast Traveller, September 2014 

Havana Travel Guide, Australian Gourmet Traveller, July 2014

The Hedonist: Our Woman in Havana, The Independent, June 2014


Gibara, Cuba's best-kept secret, The Guardian, May 2014 


Cuban day Spas: plucked, primped and preened, Havana style, The Guardian, February 2014 


Cuban Cool: Havana's thrilling art world, Sphere Magazine, March 2014 

Cuban Coup: the changing food scene in Havana, Food and Travel magazine, January 2014 

Welcome to Cuba's Wild Paradisecatamaran sailing in Archipielago de los Canarreos, Cuba, The Times, 2014 

Cuba Reveals the Secrets of The SaintsCuba's Santeria religion, The Independent, February 2013 

Havana's food revolution, March 16, Sydney Morning Herald

Cuba experiments with top-end travel, How To Spend It magazine, April 2012

Cuba's Wild East, The Guardian, 1 August 2010 

La Isla, the little visited Cuban island, The Times, 2010 

Journey to the provincial heart, a road trip around the central provinces of Cuba, Daily Telegraph, 2010

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