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Are you thinking about travelling to Cuba? 

Over many years of writing about Cuba, I have come to know it as one of the most wonderful destinations in the world, with extraordinary landscapes, a rich culture and a wonderful people and story, but Cuba sometimes hides its light under the bushel of mainstream tourism, making it tricky to access the best of what the island has to offer without insider help. 
I help those looking to travel to Cuba, offering a range of services, from simple itinerary suggestions for independent travellers wishing to make their own bookings, to ideas for Cuba journeys individually curated to clients' unique passions and curiosities. These itineraries can either be set out as a suggestion, or they can be fully booked and arranged by me in conjunction with a Cuban concierge.
I am able to lead small-group tours on behalf of top-end tour operators, such as this one in May and November 2020 with Valerie Hemingway, written about in Forbes Magazine, and can also personally accompany private clients alongside a Cuban guide with support from a specialist Cuba operator.
It is best to contact me directly to discuss in greater detail what kind of options are available. At the lowest price point, my off-the-shelf itineraries are available for as little as £350 in various categories, from honeymoons and family holidays to off-the-beaten-track adventure and deep city culture. 
Please get in touch to find out more.
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